Folkboat interior

Folkboat interior

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older folkboat- how seaworthy would this be?

MORC rating Hi there - Interesting site - thanks for putting it up. There are close to sixty Folkboats sailing in the Great Lakes now; many of them Danish boats brought over by Hansen; others built here in Canada by Gerstmann, Abbott, and Whitby. Do you still have your boat? Where was the photo taken? Gord Laco Midland Ontario. Hello and thanks for the comment.

It is great to hear that there are so many more Folkboats on the Great Lakes. Do you know how many of them are Continental Folkboats? Are these the same as International Folkboats? We just bought Pandora and I know very little about her other than when she was made. When I head back to Harbor Springs, Michigan where we keep her I hope to have a chance to work on her with the previous owner and learn more about her history. Nice site have a look how to refit and M26 Marieholm26 folkboat Cheers.

I've had her for 4 years and just refitted the 2 cylinder 10hp Nanni.

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Melida has a self draining cockpit. Although a new main was made to original specs about 2 years ago the rig is not original. She has an aluminium mast and boom, the forestay runs from the bowstem to the top of the mast. She can be seen on a mooring at Lindisfarne and has appeared at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart in and Thank you for this comprehensive write-up.

I have a real affection for Folkboats. One point: to call their seaworthiness into any question based on Jester's final demise seems a bit unfitting. Jester was lost--as reported by owner Mike Richey--while under tow after having been being rolled, dismasted and losing her superstructure cabin roof!

She was open to the seas. Only under tow did she finally succumb. What heart she had! Post a Comment. The Nordic Folkboat.

folkboat interior

This little Folkboat was built between andprobably in one of the original Scandinavian Folkboat shipyards.Discussion in ' Boat Design ' started by GodwinnedNov 9, Log in or Sign up.

Boat Design Net. I love this old boat but know nothing about these. I just wondered if this boat would be able to cross an ocean? I have heard they are very seaworthy vessels.

I like the boat very much and wish to buy it but want a boat capable of ocean crossingsthe owners states: 28' wooden sailboat, red cedar hull, 36' sitka mast, 6' beam, 4' draught, fully rigged and operational - includes 2 sets sails, paddles, lifejackets, mooring ropes etc.

Cabin interior is unfinished. Sails beautifully. GodwinnedNov 9, RHoughNov 9, Agreed - it isn't a Folkboat Problems with these older designs are lack of room below and on deck.

And they tend to be very wet at sea. Neither are seaworthiness considerations, more a comfort thing. Often manouvering under power is "challenging" What will affect seaworthiness though is whether it has a self draining cockpit or not.

folkboat interior

Many older wood boats including early Folkboats did not and that would make it dangerous to take offshore Richard Woods of Woods Designs www. Richard WoodsNov 10, My thought based on a life with boats is that unless you are unusually perseverant, or have already crossed many an ocean, your desire to own a boat that might someday be put to that use, should not trump your desire to buy a boat you truly believe is your perfect boat at the moment.

That boat seems terribly narrow, it is basically a canoe, in fact a canoe is much more form stable. I tried briefly to find the specs for Jester, the 25' transat special. It certainly looks stockier. If you wanted to put your boat on the same path, it might be possible with a completely enclosed capsule like the Jester. Then you need some kind of rig that can be extremely easily handled from inside, since there isn't really a deck left you can get out on.

If that rig were a secondary junk rig, not a lot more powerful than Jester, you might be able to truck along without too much motion, and with greatly improved survival capability. ThomDNov 10, I recently discovered that the keel bolts are rusty and probably have to be changed. This is far more work than I am capable to do. I therefor want to give my 80 year old Folkboat for free to someone with love and skills to fix and take care of her. It is 25 feet long and 7 feet 2 inches at its beam.

The mast and boom are Spruce built, currently stored separately from the boat. The boat is supplied with a mainsail, no. There is an engine battery and a leisure battery each supported by a solar panel.

An ICOM VHF fixed radio is installed along with a Clipper log reading depth and speed through the water, a plough anchor, an automatic and a manual bilge pump, a boat hook, four fenders, sheets, halyard, kicking strap and a mainsail cover. The boat is in a good condition and currently lies in the compound at Sunderland Yacht Club. Arrangements can be made for the yacht to be viewed with a club member who lives locally. Below decks the boat is configured with FOUR berths which are complete with cushions.

There is also a cockpit Tent. The boat comes with a Road Trailer. Heidi II is fully fitted out for serious cruising, with seven sails including spinnaker, twin forestays for easy sail changing. New aluminium mast and standing rigging Yanmar GM10 fittedsolid fuel cabin heater, Avon Redstart etc. Lying Slaughden, Aldeburgh. Cynara has been in her present ownership sinceand is of carvel construction of african mahogany on rock elm, by renowned folkboat builder John Perry.

Her coachroof is sheathed in fine weave epoxy.

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She has a Yanmar diesel engine, last overhauled inwith two new 12 volt batteries in She has a main, jib and spinnaker by Sanders, and an aluminium mast and spinnaker pole and wooden boom with roller reefing. She has the normal inventory of anchor, fenders, warps etc. She has a 12hp Dolphin engine mounted under her self draining cockpit. She is fully equipped for extensive cruising, and her inventory includes, two 12 volt batteries, two anchors, gas cooker,GPS, log, echo sounder etc. She has a cockpit tent, and winter cover along with a large inventory of cruising aids and luxuries.

She is currently ashore on her own four wheel trailer available as an extra. The owner would consider a package of boat, trailer, and Land Rover Discovery, as he takes her to Argyll each summer. For further details and viewing, contact owner - James Gibb via email j.

Bella is a superb example of a British folkboat in excellent condition, she was built in by the Medina Yard in Cowes IOW, of mahogany on oak,with a sheathed plywood deck and has recently had a professional refit under her present ownership. She has a keel stepped aluminium mast, and aluminium boom with slab reefing. Main, jib, genoa and spinnaker, mainsail cover, and new cockpit cover.

She has a 10hp Vetus diesel engine, and an inflatable tender with a 2. Folk boat of Carvel hull finish for sale, this She has had love and professional attention lavished on her since and benefits from Yanmar 10 hp marine diesel. Original sails in fairly good condition, main sail may need attention.

All previous traceable owners and servicing receipts available. Dimensions LOA: The Folkboat and all the variants of it, from sisterships to distant cousins, enjoy a unique place in the world of classic boats.

The origin of the design is somewhat controversial to this day; Tord Sunden claimed it as his but the committee that commissioned and oversaw the design process from six original designs took a different view. However it evolved, the design is a masterpiece. Designing a small yacht, especially one with pretensions to cruise as well as race, is probably one of the hardest commissions for any designer. To make it habitable, safe, reasonably fast, well-mannered and elegant even prettybut only 25ft 7.

I learned to sail on one; a beautifully-built East German carvel hull International Folkboat with a raised coachroof, called Nolly. She belonged to my grandparents who kept her on a swinging mooring off Derbyhaven in the Isle of Man, and they cruised her regularly to the west coast of Scotland and the south of Ireland into their 70s.

On daysails as a child I can remember watching the inclinometer and my grandfather explaining the rudiments of stability to me, and about the inherent seaworthiness of the hull. With the visceral shock of the deaths in the Fastnet race of reverberating, those were reassuring thoughts; Blondie Hasler and then Mike Richey had sailed the junk-rigged Folkboat Jester across the Atlantic numerous times by then, and Ann Gash had circumnavigated hers.

Admittedly the fridge was a space alongside the steel water tank in the bilges and the engine was a byword for temperamental, but all in all it was a good match for the often challenging environs of the Irish Sea. The hull design is approaching perfection. The sections show a flare to the topsides for their whole length; a difficult trick to marry to a nice sheer, but achieved here.

The freeboard looks perilously low, especially on the Nordic version, but the boat is remarkably dry even when pushed hard. The flare in the sections means the waterline beam when upright is modest enough for decent light-airs speed, but as the hull heels it rapidly gains stability; aided by a very healthy ballast ratio well over 50 per cent in most versionsher stiffness is perfectly judged.

She is also tolerant of added weight; a good attribute in a pocket cruiser, especially one capable of crossing the Atlantic or even more, so even quite reasonably equipped boats look and sail perfectly well. The firm tuck of the bilges leading into nice, slim keel sections help generate good lift in relative terms from the long keel, which is a key to good sailing performance. The slope of the transom stern tucks the rudder deep under the hull and the angle of the stern post, while typically Scandinavian, looks old-fashioned, even exaggerated; but time at the helm tells you exactly why they stuck with it.

The fractional sail plan is equally well judged; with her relatively modest displacement and wetted surface area for the typeshe can slip along just fine, but will carry her canvas well as the wind comes up. She has seakindly manners that punch far above her modest weight, and her deep cockpit and nicely balanced feel on the helm all add up to a simple but satisfying boat to really sail.

Whether you opt for the pretty, low and sleek, clinker-hulled Nordic variation, one of the International carvel models with more height in the cabin at the expense perhaps of such pure good looksin wood or GRP, or even one of the acknowledged variants like the Stella or the Contessa 26, the hull shape is so good it can cope with just about anything.

Anyone brought up on modern, beamy boats who can overcome their probable prejudice against a long keel and lack of double berths and, to be fair, standing headroom in most versionsis in for a revelation.

Why the Folkboat is the most popular cabin yacht of all time: a design analysis

The design of the Folkboat is an object lesson. Packed with stunning images, we have the inside stories of the great classic yachts and motorboats afloat today, as well as fascinating tales from yesteryear and the latest from the wooden boat building scene around the world.

Our boating magazines Contact Us. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Classic Boat Magazine. The Folkboat doing what it does best - oh, hang on it does everything well. OK, here's a Folkboat winning every start at this year's Antigua Classic, haviled sailed there from Europe under her doughty skipper Leo Goolden.

Photo by Tim Wright.Tord Sunden's Nordic Folkboat is a sailing legend. She was one of the few items of exceptional merit to emerge from the horror years of when much of the world was experiencing the convulsions of war. In the early s the Swedes organized an international competition for a new common Scandinavian class of sailboats. The organizers were looking for a cheap, fast, seawo rthy, one-design racing boat that could also be used for family cruising during weekends and holidays.

Nearly 60 designs were entered for the competition, but none was accepted outright, and Tord Sunden, then an amateur yacht designer, was chosen by the organizing committee to pull together the most promising aspects of the top four designs submitted.

Folkboat for sale

The result was the nautical equivalent of the German Volkswagen, the people's car. She was named the people's boat, the Folkboat. But little did the organizers of the competition imagine how successful she would be Eighty orders poured in from all over Sweden before the final plans were completed. Today, 60 or so years after the first Nordic Folkboat was launched, there are thousands of Folkboats afloat: wooden ones and fiberglass ones.

There are about in San Francisco, where the San Francisco Bay Folkboat Association administers the fleet, and where the Folkboat's wonderful heavy-weather performance is much admired. Besides the Nordic Folkboats, all of which comply with the class's one design rules, there are thousands of near-Folkboats, close look-alikes such as the Contessa 26 featured in the September issuemost of which attempt to increase her interior living space with more beam, a longer waterline, and a larger coachroof, while retaining her fabled seakeeping qualities and her classical good looks.

In Tord Sunden introduced a variant of the classic Nordic Folkboat that lacked the traditional lapstrake planking. It was carvel-planked and featured a shallower, self-bailing cockpit. She also was more luxurious below. She was known as the Intern ational Folkboat, but the Scandinavians regarded that description as misleading, and referred to her only as the "IF Boat.

The original design concept had a long, overhanging stern, like a SquareMeter's. But that was later chopped off, probably because a long overhang adds considerably to building costs. The result was a much more seaworthy transom stern. The transom, h owever, was given a handsome rake so it would better match the moderate overhang of the bow, and thus the after end of the full keel also was clipped away to line up with it.

That, together with the generous cutaway up forward, greatly reduced the wetted area of the keel without affecting its efficiency. Early critics thought the raked rudder would make steering difficult under some circumstances, but experience proved them wrong.

The first boats were, of course, built of wood. Their bulls were clinker-built, or of lapstrake construction, with each strake overlapping the upper edge of its neighbor below. This makes the boat strong and light.

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It also adds greatly to her looks by repeating and emphasizing the sweet lines of her sheer. The first fiberglass Nordic Folkboats were legalized in and were exact reproductions of the wooden boat, including the overlapping strakes.

Altair - Folkboat Interior Exterior

They raced on equal terms with wooden boats and were forced by the strict one-design rules to use wooden ma sts. The International Folkboats were regarded as a separate class, although their overall measurements and design were basically the same.

folkboat interior

They, too, were produced in fiberglass, but with smooth topsides and lighter aluminum masts. Between andwhen production ceased, Marieholms Bruk, of Sweden, launched more than 3, International Folkboats, hitting an annual record high of boats in After that, there was a steep decline in demand, although almost 1, were sold in the next nine years.

Frank writes, "I used to sail these boats 25 years ago on San Francisco Bay but never could afford one. Finally, my salary caught up with depreciation, and I purchased one. The Folkboat has a rounded underbody with fairly slack bilges, a combination that makes for slight initial tenderness but more than compensates for it with comfort at sea. After that initial tilt, she stiffens up considerably, so much so that she is ab le to race in winds strong enough to keep other classes in port.

The topsides and the cabintop are low, offering little resistance to the wind and making no concessions to creature comfort below.Please read our disclosure and privacy policy for more information.

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A small sailboat, with its modestly sized rig and shorter waterline, can be a delight to sail for couples and single-handers alike. When I say a small sailboat, I mean boats under feet long. The Pardeys are icons of small sailboat cruising. Having sailed overnautical miles and circumnavigated both east and westbound on their homebuilt, engine-free, subfeet cutters, they are among the most recognized sailors in the world.

But what are bluewater boats?

Nordic Folkboat

Offshore sailboats need to have a solid construction that will withstand the test of storms, tall waves and strong winds. This usually means a thick, well-maintained fiberglass or steel hull and a rock-solid structure.

The underwater profile needs to be seaworthy. A deeper draft also helps keep the boat stable in rough seas. Plus, a smaller cockpit drains faster when a wave washes in. We chose a Tayana 37, which features a fairly deep full keel, a super thick fiberglass hull, a moderately heavy displacement, two good sea berths and a small, sea-going cockpit.

From diesel mechanics, to predicting the weather, to heaving-to a boat in a storm, sign up to see which five essential books will never leave our sailboat's shelf.

Photo: Sailing Kittiwake. The biggest reason to go for a small sailboat is obvious: budget.

folkboat interior

Not everyone can compromise though — many people decide they want to buy big and make a twenty-year plan to save towards their dream boat. You may lose sight of your dream, or fall ill. I had a few wakeup calls — losing a friend and getting two cancer scares — before I realized we needed to go cruising as soon as possible. We do value speed and comfort, so when we chose our second sailboat we went for a heavier displacement hull and a longer waterline, which makes for a more sea-kindly, fast and stable vessel than our bouncy little catamaran.

You will need to be self-sufficient when offshore or in remote locations, which means having enough energy to run your electronics, a good amount of provisions and water, and being able to sleep.

But you can add these extras to the gear yourself once you buy. We were lucky — our new boat came with most of these. There are a lot of great little sailboats for sale that are capable of offshore cruising.

Here are five of the best ones out there.

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This foot small sailboat has an excellent reputation as one of the best bluewater boats. Sailor Matt Rutherford was the first to circumnavigate the Americas solo on one of these little beauties. The modest cockpit is small enough to drain fast but big enough for two people to sit comfortably on long passages.

The compact interior in this small sailboat helps the crew stay put in rough seas, but offers decent headroom.