Shimano 100gs

Shimano 100gs

Take care of your bike: Do the Bike Performance Check to determine the status of your components or choose the Parts selector to quickly find the right component for your bike.

Tuned bike. Tuned mindset. When it comes to Shimano Original Parts, the engineering is a given. Confidence, control, comfort and courage are complimentary.

Only original disk brake pads from Shimano meet the exact requirements to guarantee optimal performance. Find your perfect brake pad. With the pre-lubricated outer casing of our polymer-coated cables, we ensure that your system continues to perform to the original standard.

Find your perfect cable. Developed as part of the component group, original Shimano chains are essential to maximizing the performance of your groupset. Find your perfect chain. Together with the chain, the cassette is an essential part of the drivetrain. Find your perfect cassette. Shimano system components: Made to work together in perfect harmony. No compromise: Shimano Original Parts precisely match Shimano components. The highest quality standards for maximum fitting accuracy, reliability and safety.

Preserving the value: Shimano Original Parts help preserve your bike's value. Always state of the art: Our parts are constantly updated in line with series development. Shift and brake cables can become sluggish and less efficient as a result of dirt and moisture. But once the old cables have been replaced with new ones, the difference can be clearly felt. Shimano Service Centers are independent bike dealers who are committed to deliver you the best professional service and reliable advice.

Bike Performance Check Parts selectors.

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Performance is greater than the sum of our parts. Parts selectors Find the right part in just a few simple steps. Disc brake pads Only original disk brake pads from Shimano meet the exact requirements to guarantee optimal performance.Have questions or want to discuss cycling?

We use cookies. See our Privacy Policy for more information. New Reply. CraigL New Member. Joined: Aug Hi Folks - I recently pulled my old, earlys Yukon Giant out of storage where it's sat for Right off the bat, I could tell there were issues shifting. Shifts were slow, if they worked at all. Unfortunately, near the end of my test ride around the block, the right shifter for the rear derailleur completely stopped working.

The upshift trigger feels good, but the downshift one has no tension and just springs back to the home position. It doesn't feel like it's "connected" anymore, if that makes sense.

So, I did some homework and discovered the shifter cable was very, very lose. I tightened it up and.

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Pressing either trigger does not make the shifter cable move at all. Where do I go from here? I tried blasting a bunch of WD40 into the shifter housing and it absolutely made the top trigger feel more solid I'm certain that I'm dealing with multiple issues here. Once the shifter is back to a working state, both derailleurs will need some TLC, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! Joined: Jul Hi Craig; First - get rid of the WDJoin Walk Run Cycle. Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

shimano 100gs

Shimano GS shifter? Thread starter RichardB Start date 18 Jun shimano. RichardB Slightly retro. Location West Wales. What a clown. I fitted Shimano Tiagra levers to go with my nice new Shimano cantilever brakes on the Raleigh Amazon. The brake lever clamp was rubbing slightly on the left upper shift lever and causing it to stick, so I tried to bend the shifter down a little.

Wish I'd left well alone - the thumb lever has snapped off. I know they haven't been made for 25 years or so. Alternatively, can anyone recommend bar-mounted friction shifters that might do the job? Undamaged right-hand shifter for comparison. Drago Flouncing Nobber. Location Poshshire. I don't think you'll find separate components available separately.

I'd get onto ebay and find another set of 7 speed shifters. Location Wirral. Found this on ebayif it's of help. Gotta be quick though. Failing that, anyone any experience of these? Much cheapness, but any good?As you are aware, consistent maintenance is critical to the bike performance. Above all, the optimality of repair and maintenance parts holds the key to it. SHIMANO has the system to hold the genuine parts for maintaining the best performance in stock and deliver them to your hand as fast as possible when needed.

For optimal functionality and extension of maximum reliability.

shimano 100gs

Choosing the right spare parts is all about the details. They are developed as part of a total integrated system. So a new chain or brake pad can make your bike feel like new again. The alternative is always a compromise. The advantage functions for faster, smoother and practically stress-free ride. Ultimate performance is attained taking advantage of the leading-edge technology.

The stable riding performance to maintain a comfortable, reliable and smooth ride. Smooth reliable riding. Leading edge technology for the highest level of riding The advantage functions for faster, smoother and practically stress-free ride. Advanced functions for the serious riding The stable riding performance to maintain a comfortable, reliable and smooth ride.I can't believe how much we managed to see and do in our seven days.

I'm confident this was possible because of Nordic Visitor.


This was my first time booking a vacation through a travel agency and it made things so much easier than slapping together a bunch of random stuff from the internet and hoping for the best. We were able to fit a lot into our schedule because of Nordic Visitor's excellent planning. The maps, Road Atlas book, and GPS allowed us to maximize every single day.

It seemed like we were getting the best rooms at each hotel, with gorgeous views of the landscape. There was no time wasted having to figure out transportation or directions or where to stay.

The map included handwritten suggestions of interesting places to stop (we loved the homemade ice cream on the Golden Circle portion). In particular I appreciated how organized everything was.

The voucher system worked great and allowed us to pay for nearly the entire trip in advance and then just enjoy ourselves on arrival.


Through Nordic Visitor we booked excursions to the Blue Lagoon, an amphibian boat tour on the glacier lagoon, a glacier hike, and the Inside the Volcano tour. Every single day something magical happened that we couldn't have expected. Horses being herded down the road by our car, a cat trying to sneak into our hotel during a rainstorm, tasting the inventive and awesome variety of Icelandic candy. And we saw the Northern Lights, a lifelong dream come true. The diverse and unspoiled landscape was remarkably inspiring.

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The people were kind, calm, patient, and helpful. There is a strong creative energy in Iceland too. We had an amazing time in Iceland and have been so excited to share stories of our vacation with friends and family. I would love to return to one day and would absolutely book thr Sheree, Australia Iceland Complete, September 2015 A truely amazing experience We found the entire holiday most pleasurable and well orgainise by your company. Your holiday pre planning and follow up was exceptional.

Sigfus was very helful, prompt and professional, we could not have been happier with your organisations delivery of this service.

shimano 100gs

Iceland was a truely amazing experience for us.Each year our volumes increase and our carbon footprint reduces as new fields of activity open up: it is this very virtuous circle that motivates us to maximise performance. Although 30 years old now, thermal Ttransfer technology still has a number of cards to play and ARMOR will continue to demonstrate its commitment via investment, innovation and new sites throughout the world. We anticipate label producers working more closely with their ink partners not only to achieve optimum print quality but also to help increase production efficiencies, reduce waste, minimize press downtime and increase overall profitability.

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How To Fix Shimano 200GS Trigger Shifters Super Easy!

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shimano 100gs

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